Alaska Women Reject Palin: Couldn’t make the trip? See the rally here!

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The good folks at Mudflats were kind of enough to let us share, vicariously, in yesterday’s “Alaska Women Reject Palin” Rally.  It’s gratifying to know that a healthy number of Alaskans, women and men, from young to old, who have enjoyed front row seats to Palin’s politics over the past several years (and survived) are willing to lend their voices with the rest of the world, as we reel in the shock & awe of over McCain’s reckless decision to choose Sarah Palin.

Golly gee…. Seeing the footage of his rally gives me hope that maybe, maybe our country won’t be hijacked, after all, by this profoundly unqualified, corrupt, lying, self-proclaimed maverick of a politician and her increasingly unscrupulous sidekick. Some of us out here have been feeling pretty dismayed and disgusted with the whole mess, avoiding the news, checking out travel brochures and the like to see if there are any uncharted islands left on which to set up camp, should the worst happen come November 4h. Thanks, Mudflats, for sharing this ray of hope!

Here’s one video of the rally. Said to be the biggest political rally ever in the state of Alaska, an estimated 1400-1500 people gathered to protest Sarah Palin’s candidacy. You’ll also see glimpses of pro-Sarah protestors, too, who were on hand to lob ugly, incendiary epithets at the anti-Palin group. There are several more videos, below. Be SURE to also check out Mudflats photo gallery of the rally. It’s awe-inspiring. Maybe Margaret Mead was right: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

This last video is from an anti-Palin “polar bear protest” that took place earlier this month.



Coverage of this rally is relatively scant in the national media (gee, that’s surprising, isn’t it). Here’s what I could find, below. You’d be doing your patriotic duty to share the videos, news and links as you’re able, otherwise, the rally will be like so many other things going on in this country — those proverbial trees falling in forest, with no one to hear.

USA Today

The Anchorage Daily News


KTUU News, Alaska

Washington Post

United Press International

The Australian


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  1. Not sure how you came to the conclusion that the drop in polls somehow stands as proof that Obama cannot “handle” the presidency. I do agree that change is about substance, not slogans, which certainly makes Barack Obama the more qualified candidate. This would perhaps explain the McCain campaign’s recently hijacking of Obama’s message, e.g. his slogans, through their recent emphases on hope, change and service — the only genuiine hope they own being that they can imiate substance by borrowing Obama’s platform, lacking one of their own. The McCain-Palin ticket’s disingenuiness is matched only by the colossal audacity and sheer volume of their lies.

    Regarding the poll numbers, these may or may not be accurate, but there’s no arguing that Americans respond more strongly to slogans than substance, which is at least part of their draw toward the McCain-Palin ticket. Americans also seem to have very short attention spans and equally short memories, otherwise, how could they so easily forget the past 8 years, as easily as they forget that, only yesterday, their candidate of choice was telling a bald-faced lie before the world? Of course, the media’s decision to slide back into bed with McCain (by showing “deference” for Palin, which is nothing but a fancy word for letting her lie, without rebuttal, and not questioning her credentials before a national audience — or, at least, not before she’s had ample time to memorize the talking points) is no less than complicity. It is no reflection on Obama’s credentials or his ability to “handle” the presidency that the media not only broadcast McCain-Palin’s misinformation and lies, but give a far greater degree of coverage to McCain-Palin, which most certainly affects the poll numbers. This has been particularly so after their brief falling-out/reconciliation with McCain last week. Perhaps the preponderance of McCain-Palin coverage is the media’s version of make-up sex.

    Whatever their reasons, the media’s in-your-face McCain-Palin bias is clearly being interpreted as a thumbs-up for McCain by the American people. It’s a pity for people like me (and there are a hell of a lot of us out here) who want change, but it’s good news, apparently, for people, like you, who embrace the idea of electing warmongering, pea-brained liars into the White House. Apparently 8 years just wasn’t enough for you. You apparently like our collapsing economy, our kamikazee approach to foreign policy, our $16 billion per month price tag for the two wars we were lied into supporting; you like our disintegrating infrastructure, our dummied down education system, our deplorable health care system, our shredded constitution…. . You apparently like living in a country run by politicians in bed with the corporations for whom our laws are written to benefit. You like lies and the liars who tell them. You like it, and you like it a lot. But to those of us who have had enough after the past 8 years, the spectre of a McCain-Palin presidency just feels like another 4-year clusterf*ck.


    September 16, 2008 at 7:35 pm

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