Drunk on Power: In Sarah Palin’s world it doesn’t matter what you know, but who you know

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Much as we’re sick to death of Palin, after seeing her face on the news 24/7, to the exclusion of sorely-needed substantive election coverage (and, here, we would assert that most Americans know more about Palin’s ex-brother-in-law than they know about Joe Biden) we nonetheless feel it necessary to mention the media’s latest abrogation of duty.


Namely, the media are spending a preponderance of time covering McCain-Palin: their speeches, their smear ads, the latest squallorous details of Palin’s white-trash life, complete with Hollywood Squares-style panels of talking heads who do little more than try to out-yell campaign slogans into our living rooms. Barely a question is posed, however, regarding Palin & Co.’s decision to thumb their noses at the law. And godforbid that the media would dare accuse Sarah Palin of a flagrant disregard for the laws of her state and her country, as she and her husband, et al, stonewall the State of Alaska’s ethics investigation into the possible abuse of executive power by the Palin Administration — an impeachable offense, by the way. The very existence of our country is swirling about the toilet drain, and the media’s talking heads are arguing about Palin’s ex-brother in law (did he drink that beer? did he threaten his ex-father in law? did he taser his son?) even as those questions have already been investigated, answered and accounted for.  

It’s bad enough, the media bellying-up to team McCain’s demand to show the proper “deference” to her oily highness (e.g. not asking her questions, not questioning her credentials, not questioning the steady stream of outrageous lies she’s spewing all across the country) but must they also give a full pass to team McCain’s attempt to coerce the legal system toward a similar “deference”? 

Who ever heard of a vice-presidential candidate defying a subpoena — thumbing his or her nose at a court order? And who ever heard of the American voting public being so indifferent about a candidate’s attempt to outright commit such a blatant travesty of justice? Indeed, the McCain lawyers are powerful. But, time was, the American public would have ridden a candidate like Sarah Palin out of town on a rail. What’s going on here? What the hell has happened to America? Hopefully, the integrity of the State of Alaska’s ethics investigation into Sarah Palin’s behavior will continue, unmolested, despite the overwhelming pressure and power of the McCain legal team to silence it. But, just in case, it’d be a good idea for citizens of good conscience to keep applying pressure. Here, in the interest of perspective and context, are a few videos.

Sarah Palin’s stance on the investigation before her anointment to the VP ticket


The most likely explanation for Sarah Palin’s change of heart, regarding “full cooperation” and having “nothing to hide” with this investigation, is that she realized, much to her horror, that — with the national media focused on her every move — she would not be able to handle this the same way she’s handled other scandals in her state: by buying, bullying and intimidating witnesses into covering her ass.  


Earth to Sarah: You’re the media’s darling. You can do no wrong.


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  1. Sarah Palin does a Kayne West video? Details here:

    The Palinator

    September 21, 2008 at 8:03 pm

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