Meanwhile, back on the, uh, suspended campaign trail…. Sarah Palin walks (and talks!) in an interview with Katie Couric

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Good news, John! While you’ve been huddling with your buddy, George and orchestrating the dog & pony show photo-ops, Sarah Palin has taken the reins to your, uh, suspended campaign. You’d be amazed to see how well she can talk once the gag is removed. As you can see in the videos, below, she’s proven to be a fast study in passing the buck, both literally and figuratively. The only problem is that, while she seems to have more or less memorized the talking points, she’s yet to figure out how to coherently place them in their proper context and syntax. Not to worry, tho, I’m confident she’ll get better at this with practice.

BELOW: Palin’s interview with Katie Couric, in which Sarah praises McCain’s magnanimous heroics to single-handedly save the economy against the evil deregulators (while berating Obama in that very special, suspended-campaign-kind-of-way), only to find herself bereft of any actual examples of anything McCain has ever done during his past 26 years in Congress to push for more regulation of the banking industry. 

BELOW: More of Palin’s interview with Katie Couric, wherein she offers an explanation on how she gained her foreign policy experience, via osmosis, with Russia. 


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