On Sarah Palin, Evangelism, the Presidency and End Times

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A Letter from Someone Who Grew Up with Sarah Palin’s Pastor

The letter, below, was written as a comment to our recent post on Sarah Palin’s religion, in The Sarah Chronicles: A Straight Poop Compendium of Questions & Answers on Sarah Palin. The author of this letter states that she, herself, was “indoctrinated from birth in the evangelical movement,” and also grew up with Sarah Palin’s current pastor. As such, she has valuable insights and knowledge to offer on the topics of evangelism, politics, the presidency and Sarah Palin’s candidacy, about which I know our readers will be interested to know. I am grateful to the writer of this letter for sharing her thoughts with such a generosity of intelligence, thoughtfulness  and respect.   


I appreciate your thoughtful discourse. It is a shame that there are so many who have made up their minds and are unwilling to look at the complexities of life – including issues like war, capital punishment and abortion.

I agree that Palin’s lack of experience, knowledge and accurate information is incredibly worrisome. I am extremely disappointed in McCain for having made such an obviously political move rather than putting the interests of the people in this country first.

I grew up with Palin’s current pastor and was indoctrinated from birth in the evangelical movement. Evangelicals believe the end time is at hand at that Jesus will return any day. The long-term view on matters of global warming, environment, hunger, health, etc. are viewed quite differently when you don’t expect to remain on this planet.

Furthermore, as the name “evangelical” suggests, the God’s calling to the born again is to bring others to Him. No other belief is correct. All must come to Jesus and be born again. If they don’t, they will burn in hell – their just reward. Intolerance of other beliefs is the hallmark of the evangelical world.

Evangelicals want us to be taught their philosophy of creationism as a science in our schools. They can, as Palin does, totally disregard hard science in the furtherance of creationism.

They believe God (their God) should be at the center of government. They believe we should be praying to their God in our schools. They believe that literature and art not to their liking should be banned. Last but not least, evangelicals want to determine what all women may or may not do with regard to their own bodies and the difficult and often heartbreaking decisions that they must make.

So if not being prepared academically, intellectually or professionally and only one step away from being President of this country is not enough of a wakeup call, Palin’s strong evangelical beliefs should be seriously considered prior to going to the voting booth. And do not forget, that Palin was under investigation long before she was selected as McCain’s running mate.

Please keep in mind that some of the nicest people I have known are evangelicals. My posting is not a slam against evangelicals as individuals but rather an expression of my great concern about where we will find ourselves in eight years if we are led by an individual who does not believe in the distant future on earth.

Voters should set aside their emotional responses, the name calling and think about what our country will be like if Palin becomes President. I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I too have a college degree and have worked in politics, nonprofit, government and private industry. I would not for one moment think that I should be leading this country (or be one step away from leading this country).

As a woman, I am insulted that McCain apparently feels any woman will do to placate my desire to see a woman as VP and/or President.

Thanks for providing a place where ideas and thoughts can be exchanged.



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  1. Hello, I think you should blog about a site called it is a most wonderful site that deals with end time events and prophecy. They also expose some false teachers also. Please take a look and share your thoughts.


    October 3, 2008 at 8:46 pm

  2. Hi Delroy,
    I did check out the site. I can’t take seriously any religion that embraces an “us vs. them” dogma (except to be terrified of its members holding high office or any position that controls the destiny of the earth and its people). Under the evangelical dogma, I am a “them” and therefore of no worth as a human being to the “us” crowd, except to the extent I could be seen as a potential convert.

    But what angers me about rapture-waiting religions is that its members not only think they own the ultimate “truth,” whatever that is, but also that they own license to freely use the earth (and I mean “use” in the same sense as “using the toilet”), because that’s what it’s there for. Crapping it up is no sin, because Jesus will one day return and make everything perfect for the believers.

    This evangelical dogma apples equally to other nations and peoples — the “thems” of the world. Wars (especially as they involve Israel), famines, plagues and global warming are embraced as stepping stones on the path to the rapture. Under this dogma, nuclear armageddon is not only inevitable, it’s a good thing.

    That evangelicals, such as Sarah Palin, believe that their God appoints them to political office to play roles in this path to the inevitable is indeed terrifying, and is really no different than the missions undertaken by those who believe, just as earnestly, that their God has appointed them to fly airplanes into buildings.



    October 4, 2008 at 6:56 am

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