A Note to Obama: You’re Going the Wrong Way

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I don’t have much energy to devote to this post (my attention more or less consumed with chronic illness, debt, poverty and — with what little is left of my self — toward causes over which I may actually own a modicum of control) but the latest news on Larry Summers is the last straw.

While I could make a case for many, many last straws (your stances on Gaza, Afghanistan, Bush-Cheney war crimes and health care reform; your choice for secretary of state and the rest of your motley cast of toxic players and advisors with their sleazy conflicts of interests; your disregard toward toward HR 676 — true health care reform — and most of all your disregard, well-intentioned as it may be, of the wishes of the American people regarding all of the above) these last straws merely caused me to abandon watching the news, in the wake of abandoning the hope for real change, toward which I contributed during your campaign. 

Having said this, I do believe that your original intentions were sterling. But the news about Larry Summers is the last straw. So I’ll unclench my fingernails from the dashboard long enough to tell you what’s as clear as the nose on your face, if you’d only look. Apparently none of your closed circle is going to tell you, and rumor has it that you no longer listen to the honest ones — those whose shared vision drove your campaign toward the White House. 

Roll down the freaking window Obama. Those shower curtain rings ain’t gonna buy much, once the honeymoon’s over. 


Written by canarypapers

April 7, 2009 at 10:01 am

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