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John L. Perry’s Advice from the Dark Side: “Try listening with your eyes closed”

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Folks are scratching their heads over the inner workings of John L. Perry, whose resume credentials would seem to contradict his current campaign to overthrow the U.S. government. After all, what would compel a man who worked for the Johnson and Carter Administrations to turn, in his old age, to the rantings of traitors and treasonists, calling for a coup of our democratically elected president? What happened? I have my theories.

But the fact is — just as there are some men, such as Frank Schaeffer, who consciously choose to make a u-turn from the dark side — there are some men, and John L. Perry is one of them, who are compelled to turn toward the dark side.  

The comparison between these two men ends there, as Schaeffer’s choice was toward enlightenment, whereas Perry’s choice was to embrace that certain darkness wherein a man — urging a coup of Barack Obama’s presidency — might choose to begin his epistle by paraphrasing Samuel Johnson, “Nothing focuses the mind like a hanging,” then conclude it with his own dark words, advising Americans:

“Start thinking. It comes at a time when Americans’ minds are focused on what gallows the future may hold for them and theirs.”

Those were the words penned by John L. Perry eight days before Obama’s inauguration. And, if there were any doubt as to what, exactly, Perry meant by this, he neatly clarified this in a subsequent column, on January 19 — on the eve of Obama’s inauguration — wherein Perry constructed a vision of how our democratically elected, constitutional government might best be overthrown. Building on Jeb Bush’s suggestion that Republicans form a “shadow government” (a term drawn from the British Parliamentary system), John L. Perry extrapolated this: “When a ruling party fails to stay ahead of the hounds, the shadow government, at least in theory, is equipped to step into power.”

Perhaps the years have muddled things up in Perry’s head. He confused the British Parliament with the Keystone Kops. Or maybe he just plain holds no regard for the facts. Whatever the case, Perry took Jeb Bush’s shadow and ran with it, completely sidestepping the fact that the British version of a shadow government — also called, “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition” — is termed “loyal” for a reason: their role is to offer healthy opposition, not to dispute the legitimacy of the government.  John L. Perry’s version, on the other hand, seeks to do just the opposite: to challenge the legitimacy of our democratically-elected, constitutional government, toward the potential goal of overthrowing it. 

Some men’s minds are compelled to turn toward darkness, some toward light. This is the warp and weft of our history, the de facto nature of our national character. We earned it. Whether John L. Perry’s decision to lurk in the shadows is based in old ignorance and old hatred, or in new money, is yet unknown. But one thing is for certain: there is no resume so spiffy that it can polish the stain off a foul soul.

For the record, if I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Deep Throat’s advice: Follow the money. In the spirit of learning from this particular history, lest we repeat it, I’ve chosen to preserve some of John L. Perry’s words, which are prone to being scrubbed from the Newsmax website. For now, you can read it straight from the horse’s, er, mouth, via this link to the Perry archive. Below are links to several notable gems from his archive. Should these links disappear, let me know. I have copies of the text. 


John L. Perry’s idea on insurrection against the U.S. government (published the day before Obama’s inauguration):  “A way must be found — invented if necessary — to defuse the perils lying ahead for America.”

*     *     *     *     *

John L. Perry on his discontent with the Obama Administration (published 8 days before Obama’s inauguration): “Nothing focuses the mind like a hanging.”

*     *     *     *     *

In this column, titled, “Grumpy Old Men for Sarah Palin,” (which could have as easily been titled, “Old Confederate Soldiers Hatin’ on Blacks and Protectin’ the Honor of White Women”) John L. Perry — writing in terms that any klansman would adore — explains how the men in “their day” would have handled the liberal media and left-wing politicians who were “slandering the honor of Alaska’s woman governor”: “Had such churlish conduct been inflicted on one’s mother, wife or daughter, it would have been answered in their day by horse-whipping in broad daylight.”

*     *     *     *     *

John L. Perry, writing on July 5, 2007, extolls the yet-to-be-realized greatness of George W. Bush, prefacing his column with this: “America sleep-stumbled once again through the significance of July 4, 1776. Centuries more could elapse before it awakens to history’s judgment of George W. Bush.”  Reading onward, you’d almost think Perry was talking about…. Oh, nevermind. Just read on: 

If you don’t know anything much about history, especially of your own nation, how can you pass a valid judgment about this current president, let alone about any president’s proper place in history?

At various points in their public careers George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S Truman, and Ronald Reagan were abused most vilely in the public prints. Years later, all are re-discovered as men of greatness — just as other presidents gained little, or sunk lower, in public regard as history unfolded….

He has not pandered to popularly perceived precepts of conventional wisdom. More and more, it is becoming clear that he is, with dogged courage, listening to the dictates of his own mind and heart. In the final analysis, is that not his overriding attribute that persuaded American voters to elect him?

Put bluntly, he is one of the rare presidents who genuinely believes the right thing to do is the right thing to do. And he persists in doing that, whatever the cost.

Any conscientious reader and serious student of American history knows this rare quality is the one indispensable ingredient in history’s stern requirement for greatness.

*     *     *     *     *

In his column titled, “Clues to Deciphering Obama Speeches,” John L. Perry takes a close look at President Obama’s elocution and finds, (surprise!) an arrogant black man. In all fairness, it must be said that a man must close his eyes, in order to see things that don’t exist, just as closing one’s ears can prevent facts from seeping into the mind: 

“Elocution matters, so try listening with your eyes closed. You’ll notice Obama ends almost every sentence or phrase on a decided drop in tonal scale as added emphasis. That says you are being looked down upon oratorically by one whose haughtiness and arrogance he cannot camouflage and relishes displaying.” — John L. Perry, describing how to “listen” to an Obama speech (April 21, 2009)

*     *     *     *     *

The text of John L. Perry’s (now-scrubbed) column on staging a coup to fix the “Obama Problem” is available via a pdf here at  He prefaces this column by giving notice to all those who have been waiting for this very moment in history:  

“There is a remote, although gaining, possibility America’s military will intervene as a last resort to resolve the “Obama problem.” Don’t dismiss it as unrealistic.”

Continuing, Perry explains how there is already in place a secret component to our democracy — a built-in machination left by our forefathers, who apparently had the foresight to envision the day when it would become necessary to trample the U.S. Constitution. On this fateful day, which Perry paints in painstaking detail, our military (whose officers, according to Perry, are not compelled to obey Obama, but are readying themselves, as we speak, to defend America against the laundry list of armageddon-style scenarios prophesied in Perry’s column) will overthrow the Obama Administration, much like a “family intervention,” only with “skilled, military-trained nation-builders.”

*     *     *     *     *

What Perry seems to have overlooked, for all his fancy know-how on American history, is that the predictions for this very terrible, awful, dire time (the day when the chickenhawks and the Chicken Littles take to the streets in arms to warn us all — oh God, oh God, if only we’d listen! — that our country is about to be overrun by communists, socialists, blacks, Catholics, Japanese, Jews, Nazis, fascists — take your pick) arrive at least a few times per century. Ask the Know-Nothing Party of the 1850s; ask the Red Shirts of the 1870s; ask the Klan of 1920s; ask the doomsday predictors of the New Deal era; ask Joseph McCarthy; ask George Wallace. Twenty years from now, you can also ask Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Glenn Beck: How did your socialist apocalypse pan out?

Better still, do this: be good girls and boys; learn your history well — paying special mind to people who say and do stupid things — then lather, rinse and, whatever you do, don’t repeat.  


by Mantis Katz for the canarypapers