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Where in the Heck was Sarah Palin?

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She was in a bar in Philadelphia, enjoying a debate-watching party (invitation only). According to Jonathan Martin at Politico (from whom I’ve shamelessly lifted much of this post) the revelers inside watched the debate on widescreen, while protesters gathered outside, setting off flares and carrying signs that said things like:


Hey Hockey Mom — keep the puck out of PA

Just like Bush in lipstick

To this, I might add:

Flailin’ / Failin’

When Sarah emerged from the bar, she was met with a harsh chorus of boos from the protesters. As she entered the motorcade to head back to her hotel, one man’s voice cut through the din of the crowd.

“I can see Alaska from Walnut Street!,” he yelled.

Meanwhile, back at the debate in Oxford, Mississippi, Joe Biden was on hand to give post-debate comments, as was Rudy Giuliani, McCain’s sidekick for the occasion, presumably standing as a surrogate for Sarah, whose gag order was reinstated after her Katie Couric interview earlier this week.

Sarah did nonetheless give an impromptu speech during the height of festivities at the bar:  

Thank you. Thanks for inviting us into The Irish Pub and we know this is going to be a great night for our ticket. Thank you for being here for rooting on John McCain tonight in the debate even, you guys, thank you. Yeah.

Great to be here in the city of brotherly and sisterly love. Thank you and we feel that. And truly all the support that you’re providing us in this area that is so paramount to victory on November 4th. We thank you so much for all your support. Hope we all get around to meet each and every one of you so I can personally thank you guys for the support that you’re showing and for being so reform-minded and knowing that we have opportunity to put government back on the side of the people and shake things up in DC.

And for that I thank you for being on the team, and hopefully we can bring more people from this area on that team, you guys, truly. As our mission, getting to dc shaking things up, working for you. John McCain and I will never forget whom we are working for is for you. So we love you guys, city of brotherly love. Thank you.

Always, always on top of her game, that Sarah.


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September 27, 2008 at 2:44 pm