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Sarah Palin’s Running Mate: “He will make Cheney look like Gandhi”

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Lost during this 11-day white trash paparazzi glitz since Sarah Palin’s arrival on the world stage, has been leading man, John McCain. Where is he? (Yeah, we’ve seen the sheepish-grinning sidesick — that guy who resembles John McCain, standing next to Sarah during her scripted appeareances). Lest we forget, he’s still alive and kicking, and running for president. For a man about whom we know so much, we really know very little about him, aside from the larger-than-life myth he’s created for himself as a former POW with a reputation for being a maverick senator. For what it’s worth (did I mention he’s a POW?) I’ve never in my life seen a war vet — abled, disabled, PTSD, POW, or not — who exploited his service record the way that John McCain has. Without exception, every war veteran I’ve ever known has spoken with humble veneration on their experiences with war (or, alternately, an outrage and determination to protest against future wars).  I cannot imagine any one of these individuals milking the horror of war for personal favor, to elicit — what…. votes? while simultaneously voting, time and time again, against legislation that benefits veterans and active-duty solidiers.

Regarding McCain’s maverickhood…. Fact is, he’s not such a maverick — not according to his voting record (unless you count the 4 years immediately after the bitter 2000 election against Bush, when McCain began voting against anything-Bush, out of vindictiveness, and also considered changing parties, out of anger for Bush’s treatment of him during the 2000 election; but his voting record easily corrected itself by 2004, when he stepped back in line with his pre-2000 voting record which, with very few exceptions, ran true to the Republican party line) and he’s not such a maverick for his choice of a running mate, either  (else, why didn’t he buck the good-old-boy Republicans, who insisted on Palin, and instead select his own maverick choice for a running mate — Joe Lieberman?) 

I could argue his voting record, cite articles, numbers and statistics. I could (and may, yet) roll out his deplorable voting record on veterans’ benefits, services & medical care, plus his vote against safety equipment for Iraq soldiers. I could make a solid case that he’s a hot-headed warmonger. I could dig up his Sept. 13, 2001 quote, when he was already chomping at the bit for a  pre-emptive war against Iraq.  I could go on and on. Readers could then write back and dispute me. I could dispute them back. We could keep this up for another 8 weeks. Perhaps it’s best to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. In that spirit, here’s a scattering of videos that serves to flesh out this man named John McCain, about whom we know so much, yet so little:



BELOW: Pat Buchanan, on President McCain “He will make Cheney look like Gandhi”

BELOW: The Straight-talk Express: Here, McCain keeps his finger smack-dab on the pulse of foreign and domestic policy, economics and the American middle class:

BELOW: McCain on the economy: McCain is at a loss for words when, during this 2008 presidential debate, Ron Paul queries McCain economic positions on the President’s Working Council on Financial Markets. The silence is deafening for a few beats, following McCains recitation — by name — of every economist he could think of, their names strung together with blather. as McCain’s answer made it patently clear he hadn’t the slightest idea what Ron Paul was talking about. 

BELOW: Vietnam Veterans for Peace and others demonstrate against fellow vet, John McCain, in St. Paul during the 2008 RNC Convention earlier this month.


We’ll add more stuff if we feel like it, tho probably not. We’re not terribly inclined to spend much time on McCain, because we’d either be preaching to the choir or stoking fiery arguments with McCain supporters, which we’re also not inclined to do.